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Coblation Nucleoplasty

Coblation is yet another method of disc decompression of a contained herniated disc. Coblation or controlled ablation:-


  • Generates low temperature field
  • 120 volts of energy
  • Tip temperature of 50-70 degrees C
  • Optimal intra discal pressure in the range 0.33mPAS
  • Reduces the intra discal pressure due to volume reduction of nucleosus pulposus

Here no material is taken out but instead the nucleus is evaporated through the coblation wand that has been inserted into the disc under fluoroscopic guidance.



  • Severe degenerative disc disease with loss of >33% disc height
  • Disc extrusion/sequestration
  • Moderate to severe spinal canal stenosis
  • umor, infection, fracture